After Web Training – Support

Once you’ve completed your WordPress, SharePoint, or Dubbot training, you’ve got a variety of methods for support if you run into problems or have questions.

Submit a Ticket

The fastest way to get help is by submitting a ticket. We really appreciate ticket requests — they allow us to assign the most appropriate staff member to the issue, and we can provide thorough responses (which you can save for reference, in case the issue comes up again). Ticket requests also help us to track questions, so we know where our documentation or service can be improved.

Create a Web Service Ticket
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One-on-One Online Consultations,
M-Th 3-4pm

The Web Services Team conducts one-on-one private consultations over Microsoft Teams to provide web editors with dedicated time to make progress on, or get help with, web projects. Reserve your 15-minute time-slot (or multiple slots!) today.

Book Your One-on-One Consultation
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Something is broken or the website is down…

We can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broken. Web Services has more than 150+ websites (and that number is growing weekly), 10,000 individual pages, and many hundred individual components across the sites. Unfortunately, sometimes things break. Sometimes our internet host goes down. Often we know immediately (especially when the main site goes down), but sometimes we don’t know right away when something isn’t working. That’s where you come in. If you notice that your (or another site) is down, or a component isn’t working normally we need to know asap to begin fixing it.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Submit a Tech Help Ticket. This is the quickest way to formally alert us to an issue. Select Report a Website issue, fill out the form, and that information is sent to the entire Web Services team- one of us will take the ticket and work on the issue.
  • If you can’t file a ticket, call the Help Desk- 401.865.1437. Please be as detailed as possible when calling – provide the site address, the date and time that you noticed the issue, and any error message you see on the site.

The great thing about either calling the Help Desk or submitting a tech help ticket is your call or ticket is logged, tracked, the entire Web Services team is alerted, and all communications related to the issue are updated continually through our systems. You’ll know when the call/ticket was received, who it was assigned to and you’ll get updates as we address it.

I have a simple (or complex) question

If you’ve got a simple or even a super-complex question, we’d love to have you reach out to us to help answer it! The Web Team’s contact info is below, and we are available normally M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please drop us an email, send us a message in Teams, or give us a call.
We’re happy to help you figure things out.

Dan Demmons

Director, Web Design, Architecture & Services
Martin Hall Room 302

Kerri A. Hicks

Assistant Director for Web Development and Web Accessibility
Martin Hall 302

Josh Lopes

Senior Web & User Experience Developer
Martin Hall Room 302

Lori Plante

Web Support Specialist
Martin Hall 302 (Web Services)

Web Projects – big or small

Got an idea for a web page? Some sort of new or enhanced functionality? A whole new site? Want to do a major update to your site? Are you a student organization looking for a web presence? Reach out to us at and share your information/ideas with us. We’ll respond, evaluate, and potentially get you rolling with what you need.

Alternatively, you can submit a request for new elements by submitting a request ticket. Requests of this nature will be reviewed/vetted by the Web Services team. Depending upon the complexity of the request, our current work queue and other factors, your request will be addressed as soon as possible, and we’ll be in touch!

Web Editor Training & Resources

To become a Web Editor for sites, you’ll need to study the WordPress Web Editor Training page, watch the videos and take the Web Editor Certification Test. Once you’ve successfully completed the test and requirements, we’ll set you up with access. The WordPress Web Editor Training pages are also a great reference if you want details on how to accomplish some of the basic elements of web editing at Providence College.

WordPress web editor training & resources

Additional online resources

Learn more with LinkedIn Learning

Providence College offers all staff, faculty, and students free access to LinkedIn Learning. Learn more about how to get access to LinkedIn Learning. Web Services encourages Web Editors to further their web design/development and content editing education.