WordPress Tutorials & Resources for Providence College Web Editors

Providence College Web Editors edit content on the Providence College websites. We have approximately 300+ editors working roughly 140 College websites at any given time.

PLEASE NOTE- if you are looking to edit only your departments internal portal site, simply contact the Director of Web Services (Dan Demmons) at ddemmons@providence.edu to schedule a 30 minute training session. WordPress and DubBot training is ONLY required if you want to edit on the external providence.edu sites.

To become a Web Editor there are a few steps that must be taken before access is granted:

  1. Editors must be a member of the College community- current Faculty, Staff, or Students only. Third-party members are rarely allowed editing access and must first pass the Third-Party Account Request approval process and then must follow the additional steps below.
  2. Either be a department head or have the permission from the head of the department for which site that they want to become a Web Editor on. The permission needs to be communicated (email is fine) to the Director of Web Design, Architecture, and Services- ddemmons@providence.edu
  3. DubBot Training – all faculty/staff editors must complete DubBot training– comprised of a short video and quiz. DubBot is a software tool that editors use to monitor the health of their websites providing insight into broken links, misspellings, and accessibility issues. Students, while not required to take DubBot training, are strongly encouraged to do so as well.
  4. WordPress Training- the prospective Web Editor must complete WordPress training. The training is provided in an asynchronous format so that editors can train and certify on their own schedule – comprised of the linked pages containing information and videos available on this site, along with a final Web Editor Certification test.
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