Getting Started with Web Editing at Providence College

1. Browser Choice for Editing- Chrome or Firefox

While it is fine to use whatever web browser you’d like to surf the web, when editing in WordPress you’ll want to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These two modern web browsers work best while editing with WordPress. Stay away from Safari or any of the Microsoft products- you will encounter problems using those browsers to edit within WordPress..

2. Security – Personal and Institutional

When you are granted access to edit a site, you will be editing a live, public-facing, Providence College website. These sites are regularly scanned by individuals across the globe as well as by the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Anything you add to a web page or upload to these sites, including documents, and images, is publicly available and viewable. Due to this, we ask you not to include/upload the following types of information:

  • Credit Card Numbers and any personal financial information such as tax records, retirement records, etc.
  • Social Security Numbers
  • HIPPA Information – medical information including personal health records, prescriptions, or other personally identifiable medical information
  • FERPA Information – student information including addresses, medical, financial, grades, disciplinary records and project/coursework.

If you have a question regarding whether or not something should be uploaded to a site, please reach out to Web Services and ask before uploading it.

When crafting content for the web- text, images, animations and videos- Web Editors must follow copyright laws and guidelines. Providence College’s copyright policy is available here to read/download.
When in doubt- if you did not create the content yourself- DO NOT USE IT.

4. Digital and/or Web Forms

Listed below are the officially supported and endorsed form systems available to staff at Providence College to use with College data. All other platforms not listed below should be submitted for review/approval prior to College data use. Some systems are more suitable for certain tasks over others. And some tasks can only be accomplished using certain, specific systems. Please take a look at the Forms Information page (within our portal site- you may need to log in) for more information. If you have questions, please reach out to Web Services and we can guide you and potentially created an online form that will suit your needs.

  • Formassembly
  • Microsoft Forms
  • NextGen Dynamic Forms
  • Qualtrics
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