Slider – PC Custom Blocks


The Slider block creates a slideshow effect on a page- allowing the user to manually advance through different “slides” or snippets of information. Works best with a small series of images.

What does it look like?

Slide number one

There can be lots of slides

Slide number two

See the next slide for an image example

Slide number three

See, images can be added, as well.

A stained glass mosaic of the Providence College seal

When should I use it?

Sliders, should be used extremely sparingly, if at all. They add significant weight to a page, causing the page to load more slowly, especially on mobile platforms. They should not be used in place of navigation or with the intent of exposing users to additional content- studies have shown that most users ignore slideshows- “banner-blindness”- which can cause them to miss important content nestled within.

Is there anything else I should know about this block?

  • Don’t confuse “Slider” with “Slides”.
  • There are very few instances where using a Slider block/carousel is a good idea. Unless you are sure that this is the best choice to display your content, consider an alternative, such as Envira Gallery.
  • No, seriously, you probably don’t want to use a slider.