Wide Text Button – PC Custom Blocks


The Wide Text Button block functions as a large, branded button. It supports a main text and separate sub text field, is able to be linked to a web page, document, or other download. Both the background and text colors are modifiable- select from the premade brand color palette to choose from official brand colors or use the color picker to choose something else (not recommended).

What does it look like?

When should I use it?

The Wide Text Button block should be used either singly, or stacked with other Wide Text blocks on a page when you want to highlight an important link/download or series of items. This block works well when used in alternating colors- ex; black background with white text and another Wide Text block above/below it using white background with black text. Works well to break up content on a page that might otherwise be a sea of gray text.

Is there anything else I should know about this block?