YouTube Playlist – PC Custom Block


The Block allows you to insert a playlist of YouTube videos on a page. You are able to control the number of videos that are inserted as well as select from 1, 2, 3, or 4 column layouts . Videos play within their allotted space, however they can be played full-screen or directly on YouTube by clicking on the appropriate control within the video window.

What does it look like?

Providence College Gamewatches 2019

Watching the Providence College Friars in the Hockey championship from across the country.


Austin, TX







When should I use it?

This block is really useful when you want to display multiple videos from a YouTube playlist on a single page in a consistent manner. Great for tutorials, or when you want to provide multiple videos to your viewers so that they can select and possibly compare them on a page. The block is very flexible and can be used full-width or nestled in a column on your pages.

Is there anything else I should know about this block?

  • The most complicated element of this block is trying to find the playlist id on YouTube. You can find that ID by looking at the URL provided by YouTube. The playlist ID is all of the characters after the “list=” in the url. ( list=XXXXX ).